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Hard Chrome and Polymer Plating

Hard Chrome & Polymer is a special plating process that provides greatly extended life for metallic surfaces. Hard Chrome & Polymer Plating is designed for ultimate performance in high corrosion and wear applications.


  • Corrosion Resistance is Dramatically Increased
  • Lubricity is Considerable Enhanced
  • Release Property is Notably Improved
  • Friction is Significantly Reduced
  • Galling is Virtually Eliminated
  • Wear Resistance is Greatly Extended


Hard Chrome & Polymer Plating provides outstanding surface conditions for metal parts used in harsh environments. The results obtained from numerous tests, under varying conditions are outlined:

  • Adhesion: Adhesion is improved by eliminating the corrosive effect, which ultimately causes undermining and flaking of a plated deposit.
  • Corrosion Resistance: A typical increase in corrosion protection with Hard Chrome & Polymer is on the order of 100 X. The reason is that corrosive environment, like salts and Chlorides (CL) cannot penetrate the dense microstructure of bonded polymers.
  • Lubricity: The Hard Chrome & Polymer surface is considerably smoother, with an improved coefficient of friction. This is due to the special characteristics of the polymer used. The significant increase in lubricity provides unique "non-stick" characteristics.
  • Release: The increased lubricity of Hard Chrome & Polymer Plating provides optimum release properties. The increase of release ability is a significant factor in extended surface life and improved product quality.
  • Reduced Porosity: Conventional plated surfaces can have a high degree of porosity. This is easily viewed in a cross section, under magnification, with numerous sites extending down to the base metal. These sites serve as passageways for corrosion where undermining of the deposit occurs. The corrosion process then accelerates, thereby, causing flaking of the deposit.
  • Hard Chrome & Polymer Plating, on the other hand, is extremely dense, with no base metal exposure. 
  • The Hard Chrome & Polymer, impregnated into the crystal structure, serve to completely seal the substrate.
  • Wear Resistance: The optimum test of a parts life is its ability to resist wear. This is the area Hard Chrome & Polymer really shines. Numerous tests under "real world" conditions have shown Hard Chrome & Polymer to provide a typical increase in wear resistance of ten times, when compared to untreated surfaces.
The above properties provided by Hard Chrome & Polymer relate directly to longer part life, longer production runs, less downtime and improved product quality.

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